Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two bantam hens off to a farm

Yesterday we sold the cochin and frizzle to some people who are just starting up a henhouse on their farm. We ended up selling these hens because as smaller breeds they weren't integrating well with the rest of our flock.

They sent us a photo of the new coop -- the frizzle was already inside on the nest. The hope is that she'll sit on some eggs this spring. Keep us posted, ok?

Update: We went to visit the farm -- they have a great setup and are just getting going on raising vegetables and chickens. The frizzle is sitting on 12 chicken eggs, a duck egg and a goose egg! All are due to hatch in the next two weeks -- we'll see how it goes!

2nd Update: Our friends were disappointed that only two of the eggs under their new broody hatched :-( . Lesson to be learned -- there is such a thing as too many eggs under one chicken.

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