Saturday, August 1, 2009

Since we were down to one chick again, I called the woman who sold me the eggs, Dyanna, to see if she had any chicks for sale. She didn't have any but recommended that I go to the Saturday morning poultry auction. I went and found among the many boxes of chicks (most of them containing 20+) this box of " 13 Mixed Chicks". I was excited about this particular box since 13 is a manageable number and they were such a beautiful assortment of colors. So I was quite nervous when it came time to bid, but then nobody bid against me and I got them for $1 each.

Photography wasn't allowed inside the auction or I would have taken lots of pictures of the many cages of birds and rabbits that were up for sale. Anyhow I took a picture of my box of chicks in the parking lot. I'm thinking I'll come back to this auction in a couple of months to sell off the roosters or extra hens I end up with. We only plan to keep three hens.

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