Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg chicken photo

zuckerberg chicken
Going back to basics and getting involved in what we eat seems to appeal to people no matter what their income. I think this is a really interesting photo of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg getting ready to process a chicken. Zuckerberg has said publicly that this year he has made a commitment to only eat meat from animals he has killed personally.

When I started raising chickens, I had the philosophy that I should be willing to raise a bird for meat since I'm not a vegetarian. We've only processed 5 birds over the years and every time we've had to do it we agree that if we had to do this every time we ate meat, we'd hardly ever have it. Anyhow I admire someone like Zuckerberg who is willing to see what eating meat is all about. He has also done other animals -- I don't know if I could!

Mark Zuckerberg, Who Just Killed A Goat And A Pig, Responds To Concerned Friends
It's time to fix those security flaws facebook...

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  1. I think killing is one thing, but raising them their whole life is another. I'd rather he said he'd only eat what he's raised.