Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chickens sold on craigslist

This week we advertised and sold a pair of Easter Egger chicks that are 10 weeks old. The one pictured on the left is looking like a rooster with his red comb and feathering, the one on the right has female characteristics.

The buyer has a flock of 100 and is converting to Black Copper Marans and Easter Eggers for their egg colours. So asked her if she'd want our problem Maran Ginger as well. Her egg laying is back to normal, but she has been a bully in our flock. The buyer took Ginger for $15; this is a discounted price since Marans would usually go for $25. The chicks were $20 for the pair.

This brings us to 5 chickens -- a manageable number for our space. We'll get 3-4 eggs a day with these particular hens.

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